OEM Ford Brake Pads


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Refine Results

The brake pads on your Ford are made to grab the rotor when you press the brake pedal. That kind of pressure and heat is bound to wear them down over time. Since brakes are a safety feature, you want to buy OEM Ford brake pads when it comes time to replace worn pads.

  • All OEM Ford brake pads offer superior performance and are made from quality materials.
  • All OEM Ford brake pads last longer than cheap, aftermarket parts and are made to last as long as the original brake pads, so you save money on replacement costs.
  • Genuine Ford brake pads offer lower dust and less noise than an aftermarket replacement pad.

If you notice your brakes squealing, it's likely they are worn and you are ready for new pads (learn more about that in this article). At Blue Springs Ford Parts, you will find wholesale pricing, as well as fast, affordable shipping and a courteous, experienced parts staff standing by to assist you. Find the right brake pad for your vehicle from the following list.