Ford Brake Pads Buyer's Guide

The brake pads on your Ford require frequent replacement. On average, brake pads last about 50,000 miles. When they get worn down, your Ford's braking performance takes a nose dive. You can save a bunch of money by replace the brake pads yourself. This guide is packed with information about brake pads and how to install them.

Brake Pads: the Basics

Brake pads are pads made of friction material and a metal backing plate. They're about 8” long, 4” wide, and 3/4” thick. You'll find one brake pad on either side of the rotor. The friction material is always facing the rotor. When you hit the brakes, the caliper squeezes the brake pads inwards against the rotor. That creates enough heat and friction to bring your Ford to a complete halt in a matter of seconds.

In a nutshell, brake pads are extremely important parts in your Ford's braking system. Here's a comprehensive write-up on brake pads and why they're important.

Checking Your Brake Pads

Worn brake pads are bad news. If you don't replace your brake pads when they wear down, your Ford won't be able to stop as well anymore. Also, worn brake pads can destroy the rotors from excessive metal-to-metal contact. And we all know that rotor replacements are quite expensive.

So it's important to check your brake pads as soon as you suspect that they've worn out. You need to see how much life is left in your brake pads. Here's how you can do this

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Brake Pads

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Image Credit: Micah Martin

When it's time to replace your brake pads, you have two options: OEM and aftermarket brake pads. Which option is better? This comparison guide offers a thorough explanation of why OEM is the better option. To sum it up:

  • OEM brake pads offer an assurance of quality, while the quality of aftermarket brake pads is questionable.
  • OEM brake pads fit perfectly, while aftermarket brake pads often don't.
  • OEM brake pads are covered by warranty, while aftermarket brake pads often aren't.
  • OEM brake pads are easy to find, while shopping for aftermarket brake pads requires a lot of research.

Replacing Your Brake Pads

Like checking your brake pads, replacing them is easily something you can do at home. You basically just have to lift your Ford, remove the tires, and then replace the brake pads inside the caliper. Here's a comprehensive tutorial for you to follow.