Are OEM Cabin Air Filters Better Than Aftermarket Filters?

Cabin filters prevent harmful pollutants from entering your car. Replacing them regularly is important. At first glance, most cabin filters can look very similar. But there can be some major differences between OEM and aftermarket parts.

In this article, we will look into what those differences are. And whether it’s worth buying an aftermarket filter instead of an OEM one. Spoiler alert: It's not.

Aftermarket Cabin Filters

Ford cabin air filters

A cabin filter is a relatively inexpensive part. But you may think that buying a non-original component could still be cheaper. While this may sometimes be the case, the part you are getting won’t be anywhere near the quality of an OEM part.

Aftermarket Filter Pros:

  • Potentially lower up front cost

Aftermarket Filter Cons:

  • May not fit right - a poor fit will let pollutants through
  • Won’t filter the air as effectively as an OEM part
  • May need replacement more often due to inferior materials
  • Won’t be built to manufacturer specifications

OEM Cabin Filters

Ford Cabin air filter

Cabin filters are made from a mix of synthetic fibers containing paper, cotton and other fabrics. At first glance, most look very similar. Sometimes, an aftermarket supplier may even claim their product is ‘just like’ an OEM part. But only genuine OEM filters are made to the manufacturer’s specifications.

OEM Filter Pros:

  • Will fit perfectly every time
  • Built to exacting manufacturer standards
  • Won’t let pollutants through
  • Should last longer than aftermarket items
  • Comes with Ford replacement part warranty

OEM Filter Cons:

  • Sometimes a higher cost up-front (more than some aftermarket filters)

Get Your OEM Cabin Filter From Blue Springs Ford

The bottom line? OEM cabin air filters are a much better investment than an aftermarket cabin air filter. You may think that OEM cabin air filters are too expensive compared to aftermarket ones. We hope this artice has helped you understand why that common misconception isn't true.

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