When To Replace A Cabin Air Filter

Cabin filters purify the air inside your vehicle. Replacing them regularly is important to keep your HVAC system working right. But because they are hidden out of sight, most people tend to forget about them.

Knowing when to replace your cabin filter is important. This blog covers the signs to watch for that your cabin filter is ready for replacement.

Why Should You Replace Your Cabin Filter?

The cabin filter is a simple component that does an important job. The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning) system pulls air into the cabin through this filter. The cabin filter then filters out the pollutants, dirt, and pollen.

It will eventually become clogged. This restricts airflow, which lessens heating and cooling. And it won’t filter out harmful air particles. Leaving it too blocked for too long can also damage your HVAC system.

Signs That Your Cabin Filter Needs Replacing

Dust, pollen, and other air impurities get trapped in the fabric mesh of the cabin filter. This blocks up the cabin filter. It also reduces its ability to purify the air and restricts the cabin's airflow.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, it’s time to get your cabin filter replaced:

  • The HVAC system feels weak, and you need to keep the fan on a higher setting
  • Passengers experience allergic reactions or hay fever symptoms
  • The windows fog up more often
  • You start to smell stale air or bad odors in the cabin

When Should A Cabin Filter Be Replaced?

Manufacturer recommendations differ. Most suggest an annual change coinciding with your oil service. Or sooner if you live in a particularly dusty area. If you do a lot of mileage, you may want to change your filter every 30,000 miles. That may mean having to replace it every few months.

Still Unsure? Then Have A Look

What if you don’t drive your car very often? Or perhaps you aren’t experiencing any of the symptoms of a clogged cabin filter yet? Then you can visually inspect it to see whether it has clogged up. Most cabin filters are situated in a slot in the glovebox or under the hood. Check your owner’s manual to find out exactly where yours is.

If the folded fabric material is dirty and dusty, it’s time for a new filter. (Some filters are impregnated with charcoal to remove odors. They will look black even when new.) If it is a bit gray or seems clean, then shine a light through it. The filter is still good if you can see the light on the other side. If not, then replace it with a new one.

Always Buy OEM Replacement Cabin Filters

Ford Cabin air filter

A cabin filter may seem simple enough, but only OEM filters fit right and work perfectly every time. Blue Springs Ford sells only OEM components. All are backed by Ford’s replacement warranty.

We stock hundreds of OEM cabin filters, but these are two of our most popular ones:

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