How To Change A Ford Escape Cabin Air Filter

Your cabin filter cleans and purifies the air coming into your vehicle. It should be replaced regularly to avoid pollutants getting into your cabin. Replacing it is a simple process and can save you the cost and hassle of having it done at a shop. In this blog, we go through the step-by-step process of how to change your Ford Escape filter.

When To Replace Your Cabin Filter

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If you are experiencing the following symptoms, then it is time for a new cabin filter:

  • There is a damp or stale smell inside the car – a clogged cabin filter won’t allow air to circulate through the cabin.
  • The HVAC system blows air through the vents slower than usual – even with the fan speed turned way up.
  • The windscreen fogs up quickly when the windows are up.
  • Occupants get hay fever symptoms – this is due to excessive dust and pollen bypassing the filter entering the cabin.

Where Is Your Cabin Filter?

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In most cars, the cabin filter is located behind the glovebox or in the engine compartment. Depending on what model year your Ford Escape is, it can be in either location:

  • 2007 – 2012 Escape: The cabin filter on these models is under the hood on the passenger side. It can be accessed by removing a plastic panel at the base of the windshield.
  • 2013 – 2019 Escape: These Ford Escape models have a cabin filter under the passenger's glovebox. It slots in behind the center console.
  • 2020 and newer Escape: The latest Ford Escapes have their cabin filter behind the glove box. The glovebox cover needs to be lowered to access the filter.

Accessing and replacing the cabin filter requires only a few tools and should only take 15 to 20 minutes.

Remember not to confuse your cabin filter with the air filter. The air filter is in the engine bay and filters the air going into the engine.

How To Replace Your Cabin Filter

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Replacing a cabin filter is straightforward, requiring just a few tools and no more than 20 minutes to do. The only tools you'll need are a Phillips (star) head screwdriver and a Torx type screwdriver (for 2013-2019 Escape models).

Removing The Cabin Filter:

Ford Escape 2007-2012:

  • Open the hood and remove the plastic panel at the base of the windshield. Use a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • The cabin filter will be directly underneath the panel.
  • Pull on the sides of the filter to loosen it.
  • Gently lift it out of the housing and clear out any leaves or debris.

Ford Escape 2013-2019:

  • Remove the two clips for the fabric lining beneath the glovebox in the passenger footwell.
  • This will reveal a black plastic cover directly behind the center console.
  • Remove the two screws using your Torx-style screwdriver.
  • Squeeze the two plastic clips at the base of the cover and remove it.
  • Remove the old cabin filter by pulling it out from the cavity. Be sure to remove leaves and dirt from the housing.

Ford Escape 2020+:

  • Open the glovebox and loosen the tensioner holding the lid up.
  • The cabin filter housing will be visible behind a black rectangular plastic cover.
  • Remove the two screws using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • The panel will fold down, revealing the cabin filter.
  • Pull the cabin filter out and clean out any dirt and debris in the housing.

Inserting Your New OEM Cabin Filter:

  • Make sure that the housing is clear of dirt and debris.
  • Insert the new cabin filter into the housing.
  • Some filters have a directional arrow showing which way they need to be inserted.
  • Replace the cabin filter cover and screw it into place.
  • Depending on the model year of your Ford Escape (see above), you may need to reattach the glovebox hinge or the fabric lining in the footwell.

Order Your Replacement Cabin Filter Today

Replacing your cabin filter regularly will ensure that your HVAC system works as the manufacturer intended. Only an OEM cabin filter will fit and work perfectly every time.

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