Why We're Obsessed With This Custom Widebody Mustang

Some Mustangs come with a premium package that includes most of Ford’s bells and whistles. These attractive features give most drivers what they need and more.

Not this eBay seller.

He took his 2015 Mustang EcoBoost Premium coupe and made it even more premium. In addition to keyless entry, blind spot monitoring, and auto-dimming mirrors, this 6-speed manual Mustang now sports custom modifications that turn heads on the street.

Modded mustang 4
With one glance, you can see that this is no ordinary Mustang.

Custom Mods and Upgrades

Custom built for the 2015 SEMA Show, this Mustang sports over $35K worth of upgrades.


The first thing we noticed about this car is its eye-catching blue wheels. LA-based custom wheel manufacturer Forgiato – the mastermind behind this custom build – designed and built a custom set of wheels just for this Mustang. The front wheels measure 21” x 9” and the rear wheels measure 22” x 10.5”.

Another exterior customization is the Magnaflow exhaust system. We can only imagine how loud and throaty this Mustang sounds while zooming down the road. We’re sure it sounds as amazing as it looks.

Modded mustang 5

Wide Body

The custom widebody is probably the most attractive modification done to this Mustang. Also conjured up by Forgiato, the widebody kit was developed by California-based machine parts metal manufacturer TS Designs. The extra width is especially noticeable over the performance tires, where the body seems to line up perfectly with the wheels.

Modded mustang 2

Modded mustang 1

Modded mustang 3

The custom widebody’s sleek design impressed so many that it won numerous awards from Ford and SEMA.


The exterior isn’t the only remarkable aspect of this car. The interior changes are minimal compared to those made to the exterior, but they’re just as noticeable.

Modded mustang 6

As you can see in the picture, they scrapped the standard front and rear leather seats in favor of custom seats to add a pop of blue to the interior. The eBay seller also mentioned a custom focal sound system with two amps, component midrange speakers, and a subwoofer.

Buy It Now!

A brand new Mustang EcoBoost Premium starts at $35K, so it’s quite surprising that this practically new custom-built Mustang is listed on eBay for only $40K. What makes the low price even more appealing is the fact that this car has only 5,500 miles.

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