3 Reasons Why Any American Would Be Proud To Own This Custom Ford F-150

If you want to see the epitome of American pride, feast your eyes on this custom 2016 F-150:

Custom 16 Ford 18

Photo credit: eBay seller hanrostudios

The F-150 was designed and built by Ford, which is arguably the most American company in the United States. A U.S. Army veteran then purchased it and customized it to feature the American flag and images of the U.S. Army.

Custom 16 Ford 6

It can’t get any more American than this. The mastermind behind this masterpiece remains unnamed, but he was happy to share his story.

“[This truck] is not just a truck; it has been my therapy, my hope, and my monument of honor to my fellow war-fighters and veterans,” he wrote.

Custom 16 Ford with flag

“I enlisted in the Army after 9/11 and served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. We were brothers. Together, we worked the streets of Iraq in 120+ degree heat. We dodged snipers and IEDs in Afghanistan. When I came home, I struggled to find my way. I traded my M4 for a Dremel and poured 900 hours of carving onto this truck. Honoring my brothers in this truck has been my labor of love, and it pulled me through some dark days.”

Upon completion of the project, the Army vet decided to list it on eBay for a good cause.

“We have lost more veterans to suicide than we have to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined,” he wrote in the eBay ad. “This silent epidemic claims more than 20 veterans each day. My mission is to create an 'Epidemic of Hope,' and to do this I will sell this truck and donate a portion of proceeds to Boulder Crest Retreat, the nation's leading PTSD treatment program.”

The eBay auction garnered 25 bids and sold for $55,200. Aside from being auctioned off for a good cause, this truck is amazing for 3 other reasons:

1. The Astounding Artwork On The Body

Custom blue Ford

The artwork on the body is the heart of the project. As previously mentioned, the Army vet spent 900 long hours hand-carving soldiers, machines, vehicles, and even his sponsors’ logos with a Dremel tool. That’s 22.5 40-hour weeks, or nearly 6 months, wholly dedicated to this project! We’re blown away by the intricate detail in the faces, uniforms, and everything else. The custom House of Kolor Matte Blue paint is the perfect background color because it creates an excellent contrast.

Custom Ford artist

Custom military Ford pickup

If you ask us, the artwork alone is worth the $55K price tag.

In addition to the artwork, the body’s rocking some pretty cool aftermarket upgrades:

  • Royalty Core RC1X grille
  • Fab Fours Vengeance front and rear bumpers
  • Anzo headlights and taillights with customization done by West Coast Retrofit
  • Amp Research PowerSteps
  • Fab Four Roof Rack
  • Peragon bed cover
  • Horn Blasters Outlaw Train Horn
  • Airbrushed logos on side fenders
  • EGR color-match cab spoiler
  • BedRug
  • Cargo Glide XL 1500

Custom Ford truck with bed accessories

Custom Ford doors

2. The All-American Interior

This truck isn’t just a treat for those watching it pass them by on the street but also for those driving it. Just take a look at the interior:

Custom Ford interior

Custom Ford desert

Custom Ford blue back seats

The most noticeable parts of the interior are the custom American flag headliner installed by Kinsey Kustoms, the blue seats, and the custom airbrushed dash. There’s also a sick Digital Design stereo system with a 9” tablet in-dash conversion, three 8” subwoofers, and door components.

The interior alone makes us want to take this truck out for a spin!

3. The Top-Notch Performance

Even though great performance was already guaranteed with the Ford brand, the Army vet still went ahead and catapulted this truck’s performance to the next level with a number of high-quality aftermarket performance parts:

  • McGaughys 6 1/2 Lift Kit
  • Custom-engraved E-Line series brake rotors from R1 Concepts
  • Engraved K&N Blackhawk intake tube
  • SCT Livewire Tuner
  • Gibson cat-back engraved split dual exhaust
  • Dual Odyssey batteries
  • American Force Special Forces Edition wheels

Custom lifted blue Ford

Custom blue wheels lifted Ford at dusk

Custom Ford exhuast

All in all, this truck is something else. We’re waiting for the day we see this beauty at a car show.

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