7 Awesome Custom Excursions

From 1999 to 2005, the Excursion ruled the road as Ford’s largest SUV to date. While rising gas prices eventually led to the demise of this 7,000lb beast, the Excursion has remained popular in the aftermarket where fans have lifted, stretched, and tuned these behemoth SUVs.

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1. Mud Truck

Mud Excursion This beast of an Excursion from Ford-Trucks.com was made for the mud.

This first Excursion isn’t exactly what you’d call a “family car”—unless your family just so happens to all be 7 feet tall and/or live in a giant mud pit. Regardless, this 9,000lb beast sits on 49” mud tires and is a ton of fun to watch lumber down the quarter-mile track.

2. Lifted Limo

The fact you need stairs to get into this lifted Excursion limo puts it on our list easily. And if we do say so ourselves, these teen’s prom game is on point. Perhaps they’ll stop at the monster truck rally on their way to the dance.

3. Rok-Tek

Roc Tek Excursion We'd take this Excursion from TruckTrend.com just about anywhere.

The owners of this Excursion replaced the original engine with a 24-valve 5.9L Cummins I-6, giving this beast 320 hp ad 610 lb-ft of torque. On the outside, a powder coated Rok-Tek mesh grille and a BDS Suspension 8-inch lift make this Excursion a force on and off the road.

4. Total Recall

Recall excursion The owner of this Excursion from TruckTrend.com went all-out on this build.

How to build a customized Ford Excursion in two easy steps. Step 1: Purchase a barely used 2002 Excursion. Step 2: Install new fenders, give it a fresh paint job, add an 18” lift, and tune the 6.8l V10 engine so all 6,000lbs of your SUV are ready for the road. See? Easy as that.

5. Fordzilla

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Doc Brown’s famous line could easily be applied to this Ford Excursion—affectionately nicknamed “Fordzilla”. From what we can see, it can’t tell the difference between a mud-filled creek and a paved road.

6. Sin City Hustler

Hustler Excursion This Excursion monster truck from Ford-Trucks.com is up for grabs for just $1,000,000. Who's in?

15,000 pounds is a lot if you’re British, and a whole lot if you’re referring to the weight of a custom Ford Excursion. A total of 13 passengers are able to fit into the Sin City Hustler, a 32 ft long excursion that’s powered by a 521 cubic inch big-block V8 that produces more than 700 hp.

7. Black Smoke

Black Smoke Excursion Miami, beware: This Excursion from TruckTrend.com is on the loose!

Nearly everything on this Excursion is a shock, including the Fatback Dirt Logic 2.25 shocks installed on all corners. Gloss black with a 6.0L turbodiesel engine, this is the kind of Excursion that makes us hope Ford brings it back.