OEM Ford Explorer Sport Trac Parts and Accessories

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Ford Explorer Sport TracPart pickup truck and part SUV, the Ford Explorer Sport Trac offers a little of both. When you need to do any repairs on it, you want to use genuine OEM replacement parts that you know are going to fit. 

We only carry factory parts here, so you will not find any cheap imitation parts that may not fit.

  • Fan Motor - A fan works hard to keep your engine cool. These motors can wear out. If you do not take action, you run the risk of blowing a hose or damaging your engine. Replace any worn fan parts in order to keep your SUV running cool.
  • Tailpipe - The exhaust has to come out of the engine, so the tailpipe takes it to the muffler where it is released into the atmosphere. A tailpipe that is exposed to salt or corrosive materials will rust. Replace it if you find that your exhaust is getting louder.
  • Power Steering Pump - A truck without power steering is hard to handle. The power steering pump is one of those parts that wear out. Replace it if you find that you no longer can turn corners easily.

When you call us, you get to talk to our experienced, courteous staff with at least 10 years experience in Ford parts. 

We offer free parts look-up, so if you do not know what you need, we can help you find it. We have a large inventory of parts to go through. Order your Explorer Sport Trac's parts today.