OEM Ford E-350 Club Wagon Parts and Accessories

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The Ford E-350 Club Wagon is a commercial vehicle that makes moving groups of people easy because it seats up to 15 people, depending on the model chosen. These wagons are a great vehicle for businesses, small schools or even retirement homes. They are comfortable and roomy. When you need to replace any part on your Club Wagon, buy genuine OEM Ford parts because they are made to last just as long as the original parts.

  • DPFE Sensors - This sensor monitors the EGR pressure. If this sensor wears out, you may notice a loss of power when the vehicle is operating at partial throttle. We have replacement DPFE sensors, valves and other electrical parts.
  • Plug Wires - The plug wire holds the plugs in place and sends the spark to the cylinder. The wires may age and cause the plugs to stop functioning. We have plugs, plug wires and starters.
  • Thermostats - The thermostat maintains the proper engine temperature, and if the thermostat fails, the engine can overheat. We have replacement thermostats, radiators and fans.

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