OEM Ford C-Max Parts and Accessories

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The Ford C-Max is a compact MPV hybrid vehicle that was introduced in 2003. The Energi plug-in hybrid was brought to the market in 2012. It is a five-door, which makes it a good family car. You like the money you save by having a hybrid, so you take good care of your C-Max. You buy OEM Ford parts anytime you need to replace any parts because they are exact fit replacement parts.

  • MAF Sensors - In order to get the proper balance of fuel mass to the engine, the MAF sensor must be working properly. If you notice your engine is hard to start, you may need a new sensor. We have these sensors and more.
  • Speed Sensors - The speed sensor keeps your transmission shifting smoothly. A bad sensor can cause you to lose fuel efficiency. We have replacement speed sensors, ignition switches and cruise control parts.
  • Hubs - The hubs keep your wheels rolling. If bearings wear out, you may notice a noise or drivability issues. We have hubs, axles and bearings.

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