How To Program A Ford PATS Key

How To Program A Ford PATS Key

Want to program your own Ford PATS key?

Ford PATS keys prevent vehicle theft, as each key contains a computer chip with a unique code. Your vehicle is then programmed to accept keys with certain codes...if someone made an exact copy of your ignition key and tried to steal your car, it wouldn't help them (at least not very much) as your Ford is smart enough to know it's a copy.

The problem is, if you lose a key, it can be difficult to program a new key for your Ford, as you need two keys to complete a program. Therefore, it's strongly suggested you make an extra key NOW and program it as a spare. That way, if you lose a key, you've already got a spare that's been programmed.

If you don't make a spare ahead of time, then you'll need to visit your local Ford dealership so they can program it for you. This can cost as much as $ make a spare!

Here's How You Program A PATS Key Yourself

1. Start with your two original keys. If you only have one, you can't program the keys yourself.

2. Next, you'll need a new PATS key that has been cut to match your original keys (you can buy these at your local Ford dealership).

3. Start by putting one of your original keys in the ignition.

4. Turn the ignition cylinder ON (RUN) for three seconds, then turn it back to OFF.

5. Within ten seconds, remove the first original key and insert the second original key, and then turn to ON (RUN) for three seconds, and then back to OFF.

6. Within ten more seconds, insert the new key and turn it ON for three seconds, then turn back to OFF.

7. If you did it right, the “security” light on the dash will illuminate for three seconds. Congrats!

8. Repeat this process for any additional keys.

Disclaimer: Be sure to check your owner's manual if you have questions. This article is for informational purposes only – use this process at your own risk. And if you have additional problems with your Ford key, check out this article.