How To Replace Ford Explorer Window/Door Moldings

Does your Ford Explorer have damage on the door molding(s) between the windows? Or does your Explorer have a missing molding between the windows? If so, this tutorial will show you how to replace/install a door molding in that area on a Ford Explorer.

Finding A Replacement Window Molding

The first thing to do is find a replacement window molding. It’s important to know that this part is also called a window appliqué or a pillar cover. It’s always a good idea to get an OEM window molding instead of an aftermarket one. That’s because:

  • OEM window moldings are exact replacements of the stock moldings on your Explorer. That means fitment is always guaranteed.
  • Ford builds its OEM parts with high quality materials.

Aftermarket moldings come with a bag of issues. Most commonly:

  • Aftermarket moldings don’t always fit right.
  • Aftermarket moldings won't always match the other moldings on your Explorer.
  • Many aftermarket manufacturers use inferior quality materials to build their moldings.
Ford door moldings diagram

If you’re hesitant to buy OEM moldings because they’re expensive, you’re not alone. You don’t have to resort to using aftermarket moldings to save a few bucks, though. You can score genuine OEM moldings from us at wholesale pricing! Our prices are significantly cheaper than the prices you’d find at Ford dealers. For example, this window molding for 2011-2019 Explorers is at least $70 cheaper. This one is at least $17 cheaper.

Check out the OEM window moldings we have available for Ford Explorers:

We understand that it's not cheap to repair Ford windows (or any other part, for that matter). That's why we strive to offer the best prices you can find online for OEM Ford parts.

When you have your replacement window molding, you can get right down to work! Read on to find out how to replace a window molding (aka window appliqué or pillar cover) on your Ford Explorer.

How To Replace The Door/Window Molding On Your Ford Explorer

Ford door moldings
  1. Gather together the following tools:
    • Flat head screwdriver
    • Screw driver with T-25 Torx bit
  2. Loosely test fit the replacement molding over the area it’s supposed to go on. Make sure that it’s the correct part, and that it will fit when you install it.
  3. If you’re using more than one molding, label each one on the back. This way, you’ll know where each piece goes when you’re ready to install them.
  4. Roll down the window on the door you’re working on.
  5. There’s a rubber seal around the window. Pull it out alongside the area next to the molding. There’s no need to remove the entire part. This will expose the bolts and self-tapping screws holding the molding in place.
  6. Remove all the bolts/self-tapping screws holding the molding in place.
  7. Bolt the new molding in place.
  8. Press the rubber seal back in place. You may need to use a flat head screwdriver to ensure that the seal is back in place.

That’s all! It’s a simple and straightforward process. Please contact us if you need help finding the right molding for your Explorer.