Ford Windows Not Working

Like any vehicle, as your car ages, certain things may begin to work less effectively due to wear and repeated use. We've recently started seeing window issues in some Ford's. Below we'll cover some of these common issues and provide a few tips. If you need to replace a window, check out this page that includes many of our OEM replacement window partsOEM replacement window parts, and you can learn about replacing window moldings or trim in this post.

Ford Windows Roll Down By Themselves

If you have a Ford Fusion, you're much more likely to be aware of this common "issue." When you leave your Ford Fusion, occasionally, you may return to find all the windows are rolled down in the vehicle.

This is most often caused by Ford's "Global Opening and Closing" feature, which will automatically roll all the windows down in the vehicle if you hold the unlock button for several seconds. We suspect that people unknowingly push the unlock button when the key is in their pocket or purse. Many Fusion owners do not know that you can turn this feature off within your infotainment system. Then you shouldn't ever have to worry about windows being accidentally left open again!

Ford Window Problem Diagnosis

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If windows are having other issues, it can be quite frustrating. Like any electrical aspect of your vehicle, the window system may seem daunting, but it is relatively straightforward. As with any electrical repair, you should begin by identifying the corresponding fuses and ensuring you have not blown a fuse. If the fuse is working correctly, you should begin to determine if the window issue is related to the switch, motor, or regulator. This can be done relatively easily.

For example, if the driver's side switch is not working, but the passenger side is, the issue lies within the driver switch. If neither switch will open or close a window, the motor or the wiring is suspect. If the window moves, but jams, usually the window regulator is at fault. 

How To Do A Ford Window Reset

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Sometimes a window will not roll up fully or go all the way down with Ford's one-touch window switch. If your window is having issues with the one-touch open/close system it most likely needs to be recalibrated. This can be done relatively easily but needs to be done within 30 seconds of starting your vehicle. This can be done by "walking" your window through the open-close process.

Simply close the window, then roll it down fully by holding the down button and giving it a few extra seconds of pressure once the window is down fully. Then you can roll the window back up and hold it closed for a few seconds before repeating the process a second time to recalibrate the system. 

Ford Window Warranty

Any Ford dealer will take care of the problem for free if you have a newer Ford still under the bumper-to-bumper warranty. If you have an extended service plan, be aware that not all Ford extended service plans cover window-related issues. If you have Ford's ExtraCARE of PremiumCARE coverage, Ford can cover your window-related issues under warranty. If you don't have a factory warranty or extended service coverage, our many offerings of window regulators and motors come backed by Ford's parts warranty to help keep your car working correctly. 

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