Ford Windows Not Working

If your Ford's electric windows aren't working - either not moving at all, or getting stuck - odds are good that something is broken. It could be the electric motor that turns the window regulator in your power windows, or perhaps some switch mechanism that's broken, damaged wiring, a blown fuse, etc. Here's how you go about diagnosing and fixing a power window that won't work.

Ford door interior


  • Fuses
  • Fuse puller
  • Socket set
  • Circuit tester


  1. If a window gets stuck from time to time, you may have a damaged or dirty power window mechanism. Start by checking the door frame around the window for dirt or obstructions, then give everything a good cleaning and see if it makes a difference. You can also open the door up (remove the trim panel) and inspect the mechanism in action.
  2. Next, if you've got a window that doesn't work, confirm that it's the window itself and not a bad switch by trying to open the window from both the switch on the door that contains the window and the main switch on the driver's door. It's not uncommon for a spill or leak to damage the driver's power window switch, making it see as if the window itself is broken.
  3. Next, check your fuses. The fuses used by Ford are generally transparent, so it is easy to see if the filament is broken. There may be a fuse puller in the fuse block cover, which makes it easy to pull out a blade style fuse. Your Ford may also have a secondary fuse block on the driver’s side wheel well. If there are any blown fuses, replace them and try the windows.
  4. Determine if the window problem is isolated to one window or all the windows. If there is only one window with a problem, you may have a bad motor or switch. It is easy to replace a switch; they just pop out of the door panel openings. You may need to put a little pressure on it by using a screwdriver. Unplug the switch and plug in a new unit. Put it back into the door panel and test the window.
  5. Your window glass is secured in place by the window regulator. If there is a problem, you may see excessive play in the window as if it has slipped off track. In order to replace the window regulator, you need to take the door panel off by removing the armrest bolts and door handle screws. Disengage the pop rivets to finish removing the door panel. Unplug the old motor and remove the mount bolts. Put a new window regulator in if you cannot repair it. Install it by pressing the new regulator into the gears, reattach the bolts and screws and plug it in. Put the door panel and switches back in place. Test the window.
  6. Test the window when you have the engine off or on. Additionally, test them with the key in different positions. Fords have a history of having some accessory issues that were connected to the ignition switch. This could be the cause of a window problem, or you may have a computer problem. The 1980 through 1990 Fords had computers that controlled many of the accessories.

If you still cannot find the problem, then you may need to seek help from your local repair shop.