What Are Door Moldings And Why Are They Important?

As a car owner, you may have heard of the term “door moldings”. If you’re not sure what that is, you’re not alone. Door moldings aren’t discussed as often as, say, shocks and struts. Yet, door moldings are important parts.

What Are Car Door Moldings?

Ford molding

If you look at your Ford’s doors, you’ll see a strip of plastic or chrome placed horizontally across the doors. That’s the door molding. Sometimes you’d find the door molding smack dab in the middle of the door. Other times, you’d find it at the bottom of the door.

Door moldings are also called:

  • Door edge guards
  • Side molding
  • Door trim

A door molding is not flush with the car door. Instead, it sticks out a little bit. Some door moldings are perfectly round, while others sport a custom shape.

Contrary to popular belief, door moldings aren’t the same as panels and covers. They’re not a component of panels or covers. Rather, they’re individual parts that serve a separate purpose.

Why Does Your Ford Have Door Moldings?

Door moldings make car doors look nicer. They add some shape and dimension to the doors. That’s not the only reason door moldings exist, though. Door moldings aren’t only cosmetic parts. They’re also functional.

Door moldings serve as a protective layer for the doors. Let’s say you open your car door and accidentally hit a wall or pillar. It will hit the door molding instead of the car door body. Door moldings are much cheaper to fix or replace than the entire car door body.

How Long Do Car Door Moldings Last?

Mustang molding

Ford designed its door moldings to last the lifetime of the vehicle. Of course, that doesn’t always happen. Even though door moldings are durable and weather resistant, they can get damaged from hard impacts. Also, they don’t always withstand the test of time. Depending on the material(s) used, door moldings can get brittle and break over time.

The good news is you can get genuine OEM replacement door moldings from us at wholesale prices. Look up your Ford model here to see all the different door moldings available for your vehicle. If you need help finding the right door moldings for your vehicle, we can help. All you need to do is call us, email us, or fill out this contact form.