Ford Alternator Buyer's Guide

When your car is experiencing electrical issues, it can be frustrating or downright dangerous. Many times electrical issues can be caused by a failing alternator. Like any aspect of your Ford’s electrical system, you should know a bit about the alternator and its function. Our team came up with this helpful guide to help you identify, repair, and replace your Ford’s alternator.

What Is An Alternator And Why Is It Important?

OEM ford alternator

Alternators are part of almost every vehicle’s electrical system. The alternator produces electricity that is stored by the battery. As the alternator charges the battery, it also sends voltage throughout the car to help ensure everything from the radio to the electric seats and everything is functioning correctly. You can learn more about the importance of your alternator in this blog post.

Are OEM Alternators Worth It?

When considering replacement parts for your vehicle, choosing whether or not to use OEM parts becomes an important question. Like any aspect of the engine, an alternator works in a very specific operating window and requires specific conditions to ensure optimal charging. This is a huge reason why you should be considering an OEM replacement when your alternator fails. You can learn more about OEM alternator standards in this article. Using OEM parts keeps your Ford charging as the manufacturer intended.

Ford Focus Alternator Problems

Like any vehicle, your Ford may eventually have alternator issues. While alternator issues are common in many different types of vehicles, there’s a few that are specific to early versions of the Ford Focus. Our team came up with this helpful article to help you identify alternator issues within your 2005-2007 Focus. This guide also includes tips on making sure your entire electrical system is properly maintained.

How To Replace An Alternator

If you’ve identified and diagnosed issues with your alternator, it may be time for a replacement! Our team came up with this guide highlighting many tips to help you replace the alternator in your Ford. It covers everything from diagnosing alternator issues to the tools you’ll need and some helpful tips to keep you safe.

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