The Trick To Remote Opening Your Ford Windows

The key to getting the most out of your vehicle is to know all the tips and tricks your car has to offer. Most times, these little features can help you out during driving and operating the vehicle. Other times they can help when you're outside the car. Below, we'll cover a unique trick many modern Ford vehicles offer their owners. The trick is to open all the windows from the outside, which is handy on a hot day!

One important thing you should note is that in order to do this trick remotely, you should be using an OEM key fob. If you want to find our OEM key fobs, you can find them here. By using an OEM key fob, you can get the most out of your vehicle and ensure you can use every feature of your car. To learn more about the differences between OEM and aftermarket key fobs, check out this post

What's The Remote Opening Trick?

In most modern Fords, your key fob is a pretty smart tool. While lock and unlock are standard buttons, you can also open the windows with just two presses. That's right; most Ford models can remotely open their windows if you need to cool your car off before you hop inside. In most models, this feature operates the front windows, but it can also roll down the rear windows in some models. To roll the windows down remotely in your Ford vehicle:

  • Press the unlock button
  • Release the button
  • Press the unlock button and hold for three seconds

The windows of your Ford should begin to roll down while you're holding the unlock button; that's how you know the process has worked correctly. This can be a great feature when your car has been sitting in the sun on a hot day. Whatever the reason for using this feature, it is a helpful tool to know about that isn't very obvious. 

As we mentioned above, modern key fobs offer their owners tons of usability. But to take advantage of these features, OEM key fobs must be used. 

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