Are OEM Ford Keys And Key Fobs Better Than Aftermarket?

Are you looking for a replacement key and key fob for your Ford? If so, you may be wondering if you should buy an OEM unit or save a few bucks on an aftermarket part. In this article, we'll go over the main differences between OEM and aftermarket Ford keys and key fobs to help you determine which option is best.

OEM Key Fobs Are Built With Quality Materials

OEM key fob parts

The first main difference between OEM and aftermarket key fobs is the materials they are made with. Aftermarket key replacements are not always made using the same high-quality automotive plastics and electronic components as OEM key fobs. This means that aftermarket keys and fobs are more likely to break or malfunction.

Ford ensures that its keys and fobs last a long time. That's why it makes a point to use high quality materials when building its keys and fobs. For example, Ford's new fobs are built with a durable plastic and rubber exterior that protects them from falls and damage. If you accidentally drop your key fob into some water, for example, you don't have to worry about its components shorting out. You don't have that same guarantee with aftermarket key fobs.

It's Easier To Program An OEM Key Fob

Another big difference between OEM and aftermarket key fobs is how they are programmed. Aftermarket key fobs usually need to be programmed by a dealer or locksmith. Ford makes it easy for owners to program their own keys. To get an idea of how the process works, check out this blog post.

It's because OEM key fobs are already programmed to be compatible with your particular Ford model. Many aftermarket key fobs are universal, so it takes some time and effort to program one to your car. The end result is that you spend less time trying to get your aftermarket key fob to work and more time enjoying your vehicle.

OEM Key Fobs Have Better Features

OEM ford key fob

Many aftermarket key fobs don't have advanced features. For example, some aftermarket fobs don't come with:

  • Remote start
  • Trunk release
  • Car finder

You paid good money for your car, and you want to get the most value out of it. That includes using all the key fob features available. Sometimes you would only find them on an OEM key fob.

OEM Key Fobs Come With A Manufacturer's Warranty

Ford offers a limited lifetime warranty on its factory-made keys and key fobs. Aftermarket key replacements don't usually come with a warranty. So if you find that your aftermarket key fob doesn't work or isn't compatible with your car, you would have to eat the cost and buy another one.

The Bottom Line: OEM Is Better

Ford OEM key fob

If you've ever had to buy an extra set of keys for your car, you know how expensive it can be. In fact, depending on your car model, extra sets of keys can cost hundreds of dollars. That's why it makes a lot more financial sense to buy an OEM key fob instead of going with aftermarket options. Plus you get the added security knowing that your key fob is built to Ford's high standards and will work for a long time.