Are OEM Fuel Injectors Better Than Aftermarket Injectors?

Like any element of your vehicle, your fuel injectors can begin to wear or fail altogether as they get older. When this happens, you typically have a few choices. You can go with the original OEM injectors, or you can go with an aftermarket product. While both have their benefits, we often recommend OEM injectors for several reasons. One of the biggest is the injector's ability to communicate with the injector control module. 

Below, we'll highlight some benefits of sticking with OEM injectors and some of the pitfalls of aftermarket injectors. While aftermarket injectors may offer some unique benefits, often, they are not built to the same standards as OEM injectors. They can fail much earlier or experience other unusual issues.

Uncertainty About Aftermarket Injectors

OEM ford fuel injector

When preparing to replace your injectors, aftermarket examples can be tempting. They often have a lower price and can seem like a better deal. In many cases, aftermarket injectors may work well and be reliable.

The biggest issue with aftermarket injectors is that they must fit many different vehicle applications. While this is good for the aftermarket company to help their products apply to many other vehicles, this also means that they often can have issues fitting perfectly with your car. Let's say that the aftermarket injectors for your vehicle also apply to three other models. While they may fit, there's a chance they may not provide quite the same fuel flow rate or atomization pattern as OEM injectors. While the engine may seem to run ok, it may not be running at its best. Over time, you'll pay more for fuel, while not getting the performance you expect.

Benefits Of OEM Injectors

OEM ford Fuel injectors

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Unlike aftermarket injectors, you can be confident in OEM injectors for several reasons. You know they all use the same specifications as your current injectors. This means they will fit and mount correctly within your vehicle. When working on something as complex and temperamental as fuel flows and air to fuel mixtures, it is often best to stick with what the manufacturer intended. Another excellent point about OEM injectors is that you also have a basic idea of the lifespan of the injectors. For these reasons, we always recommend you stick with OEM injectors.

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