Are OEM Ford Moldings Better Than Aftermarket?

When it’s time to replace the door moldings on your Ford, the first decision to make is whether to get OEM or aftermarket replacement parts. Aftermarket moldings may be cheaper, but OEM moldings offer a lot more value. Here’s why:

1. OEM Moldings Always Fit Exactly Right

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Aftermarket parts are notorious for poor fitment. This applies to moldings, too. The manufacturer doesn't have OE specs. If you install a poor-fitting molding on your Ford, it'll put quite a damper on your car's appearance. It would also do a poor job protecting your car doors from walls or pillars.

If you buy OEM moldings made for your Ford, they will always fit right. No manufacturer knows your Ford better than Ford does. They have all the dimensions for your car.

2. OEM Moldings Will Match The Other Moldings On Your Car

OEM moldings are exact replicas of the stock moldings already on your car. That means the design and color will match the rest of the moldings on your car. Aftermarket moldings rarely match your car. If you get an aftermarket door molding, it may look odd with the other door moldings on your car. It'll look out of place and it may cheapen your car's appearance.

3. OEM Moldings Can Withstand The Elements

Have you ever wondered why aftermarket moldings are inexpensive? It's because they're made with low quality materials. It's important for moldings to be able to stay on the car and withstand the elements. Low quality moldings rarely last long because:

  • Some low quality moldings fall off the car over time due to poor quality clips or adhesives
  • Some low quality moldings crack or fade easily

There's no guarantee that aftermarket moldings will stand the test of time. OEM moldings come with that guarantee. Ford produces all its moldings with high quality materials. Plus, OEM moldings are the same moldings that come stock with the vehicle. These moldings are made to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

How To Get OEM Moldings At Aftermarket Prices

OEM ford window moldings

OEM moldings are a much better investment than aftermarket moldings. Despite that, people still settle on aftermarket moldings because they’re cheaper. Ford dealerships sell OEM parts at high prices, usually with a 30% markup.

Here’s a secret: you can get OEM moldings at aftermarket prices! We’re an authorized retailer of genuine OEM Ford parts. We offer all our parts at wholesale pricing because our overhead costs are so low. If you buy your replacement moldings from us, you’ll save a good chunk of change.

Check out all the OEM door moldings we have in our inventory. Look up your Ford model to see if we carry the molding(s) you need. If you need help finding the right molding(s) for your car, you’re welcome to contact us.