Are OEM Ford Headlights Better Than Aftermarket?

When one of your headlights fails, you need to find a replacement unit ASAP. Waiting too long to replace your Ford's headlight can compromise your safety. It may also result in a traffic ticket or two.

The first decision you'll need to make is whether to get an OEM or aftermarket replacement part. When it comes to headlights, OEM and aftermarket products are not substitutes for one another. There are significant differences between these two kinds of headlights.

Which option delivers the most value? If you ask us, it's the OEM replacement headlights. They're much more reliable than aftermarket ones. Here are some reasons to consider getting OEM headlights instead of aftermarket headlights:

1. OEM Headlights Are Built With High Quality Materials

OEM ford headlights

It's in Ford's best interests to provide its customers the best quality parts. Their brand's reputation means everything, and they want to build customer loyalty. That's why OEM parts, including shocks, headlights, etc., are made out of high quality materials.

With a set of genuine OEM replacement headlights, you're facing a much lower risk of them failing early. You can expect them to provide reliable service for years.

Aftermarket headlights, on the other hand, can end up corroding much faster than OEM units. It's because aftermarket headlights are usually made from low-grade components.

2. OEM Headlights Are Designed To Exact Specifications Of Your Car

Genuine OEM replacement headlights are designed with your car's specifications in mind. They're also manufactured according to OE standards.

If you opt for aftermarket headlights, the odds of them fitting correctly and performing like the original ones are much lower.

It's very important for your replacement headlights to be compatible with your car's electrical system. Otherwise, you might end up with flickering or dim lights. Even worse, an incompatible set of headlights may cause issues with your Ford's electrical system. A set of aftermarket headlights that requires more power than what your car is designed to provide may damage a wiring harness, for example.

You don't have to worry about encountering any surprise issues with OEM headlights. They're specifically designed to work seamlessly with your Ford. Your Ford's electrical system won't be compromised either.

3. OEM Headlights Are Easy To Install

OEM Ford Headlights

Image Credit: ModMyF150

In general, OEM headlights are much easier to install than aftermarket headlights. It's because OEM headlights are designed to OE specs, with exactly the right dimensions. So you won't experience any fitment or wiring issues.

You can't say the same thing about aftermarket headlights. You may run into fitment or wiring issues. You may even have to make some modifications to get the headlights to fit. That can be very dangerous, especially when electrical wiring is involved.

4. OEM Ford Headlights Come With A Good Manufacturer's Warranty

When your aftermarket headlights fail prematurely, it's such a hassle to replace them again. What's even worse, you'd likely have to pay for a full replacement. It's because aftermarket manufacturers rarely warranty their products. That's a big reason why aftermarket headlights are so cheap.

Most OEM Ford parts, including headlights, come with a 24-month warranty (with unlimited miles). That's a big advantage over aftermarket headlights. If your OEM headlights fail within the 24-month period, Ford will replace them for free.

5. You Can Buy OEM Headlights At A Lower Price

Despite all the drawbacks that come with aftermarket headlights, some people still buy them. It's because they're cheaper. It doesn't have to be that way, though.

OEM parts are notoriously expensive. Yet, you can score them at great prices online. We're an authorized seller of OEM Ford parts, and we offer wholesale prices. That means you can score a set of OEM Ford headlights for the same price (give or take) as aftermarket headlights. We have a whole catalog full of OEM headlights and headlight components. Look up your Ford model to see what we have for your car.