Lambo Green Ford Raptor Mod - Stock to Exceptional

Maybe you own a Ford Raptor or F150 and your tired of "blending in." What do you do? How about putting a bunch of new parts on it and giving it a new, crazy color? Well this is your truck!

Lambo Green Ford Raptor Mod - Front Profile This Raptor/F150 truck will certainly turn heads.

The genius body modder, MikeGManG over at has created this masterpiece of a modification. It is a stock 5.0L F150 that has gone through quite the transformation.

Lambo Green Ford Raptor Mod - Rear This truck certainly doesn't blend in.

MikeGManG explains his reasoning. "So I've seen sooooo many race red f150s on the road that i got tired of blending in.decided to paint the raptor conversion Lamborghini green(Verde) and add a few new parts. Repainted the ladder bars and frame to match the paint, ADD chase rack with a 50" and 30" LED light bars, nfab rear runner bumper with 2 dually led lights, FTX side cladding with the ftx logo removed and smoothed and painted the chrome strips black,fuel hostage 5th wheel and toyo open county mt tire. Also did the roof satin black along with gas door."

Lambo Green Ford Raptor Mod - Original This is how the truck started. Talk about a complete makeover.

Lambo Green Ford Raptor Mod - Side If you parked next to this truck, you would probably need a minute to admire it.

It is quite the modification.

What do you think? A cool modification or a waste of time/money?