You Have to See This Crazy Kevlar-Coated F-150!

If you’re looking for a zombie apocalypse-proof vehicle, look no further than this beefy F-150:

Kevlar truck 1 Photo credit: eBay seller tveauto

It can take you over the roughest terrain, light up the darkest of places, and shield you from zombies all day long. If you have $80,000 in your zombie apocalypse budget, you could snatch up one of these custom trucks before Rick Grimes or anyone else does!

When Dallas-based car dealership Texas Vehicle Exchange acquired this brand new 2017 F-150 (with only 115 miles on it), they transformed it. The truck went into their shop a regular ol’ F-150 and came out a mean machine loaded with crazy cool upgrades.

Check out its most notable feature: the Raptor black Kevlar paint job.

Kevlar truck 4

The military-grade look of this truck will definitely turn heads on the street, along with its other awesome custom upgrades. What else sets this mean machine apart from regular F-150s? Let's see...

Body Upgrades

Let’s take a look at the front of the truck first:

Kevlar truck 2

There’s a whole lot of upgrades. Can you spot them all?

  • A Fab Fours Vengeance front bumper
  • A Rigid Industries Radiance LED light bar
  • Four Rigid Industries Radiance LED D2 spot lights
  • A custom-built black grille
  • ANZO LED headlights
  • An RK Sport Ram air hood

Kevlar truck 3

If you go around to the back of the truck, you’ll see another Fab Fours Vengeance bumper, another set of Rigid Industries Radiance LED spot lights, and ANZO LED tail lights.

The sides have a couple cool mods too, including Bushwacker fender flares and AMP Research PowerStep running boards with LED lights. To say this truck is rugged would be an understatement.

Performance Upgrades

We know that this truck looks tough, but does it act tough? Yes, it does.

Kevlar truck 8

Texas Vehicle Exchange opted to leave in the 3.5L Ecoboost engine – which we think is a great decision – and make several performance-based upgrades to the truck, including a new Diablo Sport Predator 2 tuner, a Catback exhaust system, and new wheels and tires.

Kevlar truck 7

Kevlar truck 9

Kevlar truck 10

They also put in a Pro Comp 6” coilover suspension lift kit with Fox Factory Race Series shocks and reservoirs.

Interior Upgrades

Kevlar truck 6

Upon first glance, the interior looks like one you’d find in a standard F-150. This F-150 came loaded with optional upgrades offered by Ford, including (but not limited to) heated seats, a twin panel moonroof, and an extensive navigation system. It appears that the only thing Texas Vehicle Exchange did to the interior was add Alea black leather seats with blue stitching. If you ask us, nothing else needed to be done to the interior because the F-150's stock interior is already comfortable and luxurious enough.

Kevlar truck 5

If you had this beast during a zombie apocalypse, what would you do with it? Tell us on Facebook!