Spot How Much The GT Has Changed

The GT has a classic sports car design. Take one look and your imagination likely takes you to your own personal race track. That's been the case from the beginning of this beauty.

GT spotters guide

The 2005 GT and 2019 GT share a lot of similarities - like the same size wheelbase, nearly the same length/height, and a familiar sports car appearance. But you might not notice those things at a glance.

You will, however, notice some other significant design changes just by looking. What was once a softer, curvier front end and set of mirrors now has harder angles with its rectangle headlights, trapezoid mirrors, and a more pronounced angle along the front fenders. You can see it in the rear of the 2019 GT too, especially with that spoiler.

What do you think? Do you prefer the 2005 style or 2019?

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