A Guide to Ford Bumper Covers

Don’t let your Ford’s bumper covers remain a mystery! In this article, you’ll learn all about the bumper covers on your car. Including how they’re optimized to provide the most protection possible and the best way to address a damaged bumper cover.

What is a Bumper Cover?

Image Credit: 1A Auto Parts

If you look at the front and back ends of your car, you’ll see a body panel that covers the area where the bumper is supposed to be. These are bumper covers. A bumper cover is not a bumper per se, but it's a part of a bumper assembly. Behind the bumper cover is an impact bar, which is a metal bar designed to absorb a lot of impact. Together with the impact bar, the bumper cover creates a stylish appearance and offers a lot of protection in a crash. Win-win.

Take a look at this post for more information on what bumper covers are and how they’re designed.

To Repair or to Replace Your Bumper Cover

If you’ve got a damaged bumper cover and you’re wondering if you can just repair it, this guide is for you. To sum it up, you can repair your bumper cover if the damage is primarily cosmetic. If the damage compromises the impact bar’s structural integrity, then a replacement is necessary.

Deciding Between OEM and Aftermarket if You Need to Replace Your Bumper Cover

Do you need to replace your bumper cover, but are having a hard time deciding between OEM and aftermarket replacement bumper covers? This guide will help you reach an educated decision. If you ask us, an OEM bumper cover is worth every cent because they fit well, last a long time, and are covered by Ford’s Parts Warranty.

OEM bumper covers can be pretty affordable if you order one online. At Blue Springs Ford Parts, we offer genuine OEM replacement bumper covers at wholesale prices.