What Is A Bumper Cover? Why Do You Need One?

Got a bumper cover that might need to be replaced, but you’re not sure what purpose it serves? We got you. If you just want a refresher on bumper cover basics, this article is for you, too.

Here’s everything you need to know about the front and rear bumper covers on your Ford.

What Is A Bumper Cover?

Attached to the front and rear of your car is an impact bar (which is also called a bumper reinforcement bar). The impact bar is one of the strongest parts on your car, as its purpose is to protect your car in an accident.

The impact bar is a metal bar that’s specifically engineered to absorb as much impact as possible. It’s quite effective in protecting your vehicle in a minor collision. The impact bar, which is the first in the line of defense, is affixed to your car frame.

However, impact bars don’t look so great. That’s why bumper covers exist.

A bumper cover is a part of the body that’s fitted over the impact bar. It not only serves as a stylish cover, but it’s also designed to absorb some of the impact in a minor collision.

Your Ford has two bumper covers: a front bumper cover and a rear bumper cover.

Front Bumper Covers

Depending on which Ford model you have, your front bumper cover may fit:

  • Over half of your car’s nose (such as on the newer Explorer models)
  • Only the lower part of your car’s nose (such as on the newer F-150s).

Like all OEM Ford bumper covers, a well-built front bumper cover is designed to fit around your headlights and grilles. It may have fog light holes, parking sensors, or other features that accommodate your vehicle.

Rear Bumper Covers

A typical rear bumper cover sports a simpler design than the front bumper cover on the same vehicle. It’s usually a strip that’s fitted over the impact bar, which is located at the lowest end of your vehicle’s rear end.

Depending on your Ford model, your bumper cover might be shaped around your trunk and taillights.

Two Different Types Of Replacement Bumper Covers

When you need to replace one of your bumper covers, the first thing to do is to decide between an OEM and aftermarket bumper cover.

OEM bumper covers are produced by the same manufacturer that built all of the original parts on your Ford. This means that an OEM replacement bumper cover will fit your vehicle perfectly and is built with the highest quality materials.

Aftermarket bumper covers are produced by third party manufacturers that design and build their own parts. The design and quality of these parts are determined by the manufacturer. So an aftermarket bumper cover is a hit or miss in terms of quality, fitment, and more.

You can read a more thorough comparison between OEM and aftermarket bumper covers here.

Image Credit: 1A Auto Parts

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