How Ford Tests Brake Pads

When you buy auto parts do you know the difference between after-market and OEM (original equipment manufacture) parts? Here is one example with Ford brakes. You won't buy after-market again.

How Ford Tests Brake Pads Ford Motorcraft parts are built to a higher standard for all sorts of cars including these police vehicles.
Motorcraft has been an OEM supplier for Ford for years. They have a reputation for making and selling high-quality parts that last longer than cheap after-market options. Going one step further, Motorcraft does on-vehicle testing to make sure they will hold up to real-world conditions. Even though this testing is more expensive and complex, it gives much more accurate feedback. This also ensures they meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). After-market parts only have to pass the FMVSS testing.

FMVSS testing is a set of procedures that evaluates stopping and fade. The testing includes:

  • At high speed, low speed and different intervals
  • At the maximum gross vehicle weight and at light loads
  • At extreme brake temperatures with minimum recovery time between tests
  • Under partial system failure conditions such as losing power assist if engine stalls (i.e. ran out of gas)

There is also durability testing that evaluates friction performance by:

  • Thousands of miles of urban & suburban real world braking
  • Must meet minimum wear, noise, dust, and vibration requirements
  • Dyno testing = Laboratory evaluation of effects of temperature, speed, pressure, thermal history, and water on friction level

How Ford Tests Brake Pads - Rotor Motorcraft brake parts like this rotor are testing and built to pass Federal and Ford specifications.
These parts not only meet the FMVSS and Ford's stringent specifications, they also meet the needs of the real-world police units like the LA. Sheriff's department and Michigan State Patrol. Both of these police forces feature a heavy-duty anti-lock brake system that uses Motorcraft parts.

When using OE parts from Motorcraft, you are really installing a higher quality and more thoroughly tested product. Find Motorcraft parts at your local Ford dealership.