Ford F-150 Maintenance - How to Change Brake Pads

When the brakes start to wear down on your Ford F-150 truck, make sure you change them out. Here is a handy guide on how to do it.

Change brake pads

Before beginning this job, make sure you have all the proper tools you will need such as a jack, jack stands, socket set, brake fluid and new OEM brake pads.

Here is a video showing the process:

To perform the brake job:

  1. Break loose the lug nuts on the tire you want to change the brakes
  2. Jack up the truck and place jack stands. You will want to raise truck just high enough to get tire off.
  3. Finish loosening lug nuts and remove tire.
  4. Locate caliper and remove the two bolts holding the caliper on.
  5. Pull caliper off of rotor and carefully place the caliper away from the axle paying special attention to the brake line - making sure you don't crimp or tear brake line.
  6. Remove old brake pads sitting on the rotor with new brake pads. You can apply brake grease to the top and bottom of the pads to reduce brake noise. Be careful to not add grease to the brake pads themselves or get grease on rotor.
  7. Using a C-clamp and old brake pad or a caliper compression tool, compress the caliper.
  8. Put the caliper back on the rotor and hand tighten the bolts.
  9. Once everything is lined up in place, finishing tightening the caliper bolts.
  10. Replace the tire and hand tighten the lug nuts back on.
  11. Lower the truck and then tighten down the lug nuts. You can replace the lug nut cover if you have one.
  12. Once everything is tight and the truck is lowered back down, sit in the driver seat and depress the brake pedal until you feel a hard brake. When you first get in, the brake should feel soft.
  13. Make sure you check your brake fluid reservoir and add additional brake fluid if needed.

Congrats, you have successfully replaced your brakes in your F150. For more brake repair tips, check out this post on rotors.