Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Initial Build - Video

The creators of the Ford Raptor have explained how the truck became a reality via an excellent video, filmed by Autoweek. If you have ever been curious as to "what were they thinking," this video is for you.

2013 Ford Raptor

One thing is for certain about the Ford Raptor, it has sold a LOT more than FordĀ anticipatedĀ  In fact, it is well-known to be the best stock off-road machine on the market. The truck has garnered a very loyal following and is becoming an icon in its own right.

For years, Ford has lead the way in the pickup market and the engineer and designer in the video are a big reason why. Ford has amassed a good group of talent with the right ideas that deliver an excellent product.

What do you think? Is the Ford Raptor the best off-road truck on the market?