Download a Free Ford Raptor Coloring Booklet

This just in, Ford Raptor fans: Blue Springs Ford Parts is offering a free PDF download that includes four Ford Raptors in various settings, including trucks in the mud and up a mountain.

Click the image to download a PDF of your favorite truck, print them out, and color or paint however you like.

Raptor coloring pages

You might've heard that mindfulness activities, such as meditation and coloring, are the new trendy ways to achieve better sleep, less stress, and an increase in overall happiness. Why not incorporate other things you enjoy - like trucks - to make it more fun?

Now that you've got your Ford Raptor coloring pages from Blue Springs Ford Parts, share your masterpiece with us on social media. Post a photo of your coloring work to any social network with the hashtag #fordraptorfans or share them with us on Facebook!