Ford Brings Four Really Cool, Custom Mustangs to SEMA Show

The SEMA Show is known among auto enthusiasts for having a serious collection of truly cool modified cars and trucks. It would feel empty without the Ford Mustang. No worries Mustang fans, Ford plans on bringing four to the show.

Ford Custom SEMA Mustangs - DSO Eyewear The DSO Eyewear Mustang has a sleek black and white look.

DSO Eyewear
This black and white coupe customized by DSO Eyewear is based on a 2013 Mustang GT with a 5.0L V-8 and six-speed automatic. Automatic you say? Well, this ride is for those lesser skilled drivers, but it isn't lacking in power. The Mustang comes with a twin-screw Whipple supercharger and intercooler that boosts the final power output to 750 horsepower according to a Motor Trend story.

Besides power, it has a great look thanks to a 3dCarbon body kit and a black and white paint job. Plus, it wouldn't be complete with a kicking sound system like the Rockford Fosgate audio system it comes equipped with.

Ford Custom SEMA Mustangs - RingBrothers The color and body kit really set apart this Ringbrothers Mustang.

Knowing that not everyone is going to like an automatic, Ringbrothers stuck to the stick. It took a  2013 GT coupe and added more power through a supercharger along with bigger wheels. All of this power meant it needed a beefer suspension and larger brakes. Ringbrothers added both. It is fast, rides great and has quite a bit of stopping power. Anything else you need?

Ford Custom SEMA Mustangs - StitchCraft A very stylish leather interior paired with a powerful Mustang create a sought after vehicle. StitchCraft did a great job.

The Stitchcraft Mustang got the most treatment where you would expect it - interior. They took a 2013 Mustang V-6 convertible and added leather throughout the interior trim and seats. Sounds swanky. Oh and they did realize it was a Mustang after all. They added a Flowmaster exhaust system, nitrous injection, Hotchkiss coil-over suspension and a Wilwood brake package. We challenge you to hold onto your slick, leather seat while driving this machine!

Ford Custom SEMA Mustangs - Mothers - Autosport Dynamics - RTR Wow! This aggressive looking, powerful Mustang looks ready to tackle any track you decide to take it too.

Mothers, Autosport Dynamics, RTR
The three-company team of Mothers, Autosport Dyanmics and RTR didn't hold back on their Mustang. The look is a stunning Boss 302. Working together, RTR added a carbon-fiber body kit that has an "aggressive front splitter, a “track-ready” suspension (likely adjustable dampers and stiffer springs), big wheels and tires (with flared fenders to match), and unnamed engine upgrades that take the 5.0-liter V-8′s power output up to 650 horsepower," according to Motor Trend. The outside was polished off with a Mothers red paint job with black stripes. The seats inside were replaced with Sparco seats with custom upholstery. It is one serious Boss Mustang.

What do you think? Which one is your favorite?