Ford Atlas Concept Inspiration Illustrations - Behind the Scenes

When the Ford Atlas concept debuted at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit during the 2013 International Auto Show, the truck world was put on notice - Ford is changing how we view, buy/sell and drive trucks. Now, Ford has released captivating illustrations showing the thoughts behind the concept.
Ford Atlas Illustrated - Overall
These illustrations are a great way to see what Ford's design and engineering teams were thinking and trying to achieve. The truth is that Ford has understood the truck market for decades as evidenced by its sales dominance. These illustrations are really just a snap-shot of the remarkable engineering and Ford's forward thinking on display.

Ford Atlas Illustrated - Roof

Ford Atlas Illustrated - Tailgate

Ford Atlas Illustrated - Wheels

Ford Atlas Illustrated - Bed Lighting

What do you think? Do these illustrations give you a better idea of how much time and effort goes into creating a concept?