How to Change a 2013 C Max Energi Cabin Air Filter

If your interior is starting to smell musty, the cabin air filter on your 2013 C Max Energi may need to be changed. The cabin air filter handles filtering air blown into your passenger compartment. It needs to be replaced every 20,000 or so miles, but you should rely more on symptoms than mileage. The most notable symptoms are poor air flow and odor.

Old vs new c max filter

Replacement may be needed sooner if you live in a dusty or damp area. Changing the filter as needed will increase cabin comfort and lessen strain on the A/C. If your filter is clogged, your A/C is overworking to compensate, and you could be losing MPGs. Fortunately, changing the cabin air filter requires only patience and common hand tools. Here’s how to change the 2013 C Max Energi cabin air filter in your own garage to save quite a bit of money.

Changing Your Cabin Air Filter

C max filter location

Finding and accessing the cabin air filter is most of the work. The location varies from model to model. If you’ve changed one on a different Ford model, don’t expect it to be in the same place. As far as your 2013 C Max Energi goes, the cabin air filter is located behind the glovebox.

  • Disengage the fasteners to remove the panels and remove torx bolts underneath.
  • Remove the glovebox housing by wiggling it to get it out.
  • Disconnect the bulb assembly by removing the clip.
  • Pull the air filter from the housing by squeezing the top to pull it past the wires.
  • Install the new cabin air filter by twisting it slightly to get past the wires. Replace the glovebox housing, reconnecting the light build, and bolting it back in place.

Now you can enjoy the comfort of having fresh air come through the vents. Shop online here or give us a call to order a new cabin air filter for your C Max Energi today!