6 Steps for Adding a Raptor Steering Wheel to Your F-150

It's easy to tell that Raptor steering wheels are superior to stock F-150 steering wheels. They’re heated, made of better quality materials (i.e. leather), easier to steer, and more comfortable to grip.

Until Ford finally wises up and starts installing Raptor steering wheels in all their F-150s, the only way we can enjoy the Raptor's amazing steering wheel without actually buying a Raptor is to perform a swap. Good news - it's actually pretty easy!

F150 steer A 2004 F-150 Lariat steering wheel, via Crystal Foxx
Raptor steer A sweet Ford Raptor steering wheel, via Ford.com

Parts You May Need to Get

The existing parts in your stock F-150 steering wheel may not work with your new Raptor steering wheel, but it depends on how old both of your steering wheels are. You may need to get replacement parts to make your Raptor steering wheel compatible with your F-150. We recommend getting the following replacement parts:

  • Raptor steering wheel (Part No. BL3Z3600CB)
  • Clock spring (Part No. GL3Z14A664A)
  • Harnesses
  • Control buttons
  • Torque sensor
  • An airbag (Part No. 9L3Z15043B13AC) - Only if the stock F-150 steering wheel doesn't have a functioning airbag

When you have all your parts ready, park your F-150, keep your steering wheel straight, and follow these steps:

1. Disconnect Your Battery

To keep the airbag from deploying, you have to disconnect the negative battery terminal. If you’re not sure how to do that, this WikiHow tutorial will help you out.

2. Remove the Airbag

There are small holes on both sides of the stock F-150 steering wheel, as well as one underneath. Apply pressure in each hole with an Allen wrench and the air bag will pop out a little bit. Use the Allen wrench to apply pressure behind the airbag panel (on the steering wheel), and it’ll come out. Disconnect all three connectors behind the airbag and then set the airbag aside with the new Raptor steering wheel.

Important note: set the airbag down face up in case it deploys!

3. Remove the Stock F-150 Wheel

Here’s a tutorial that can help you pull this off (no pun intended). As the tutorial states, seek out professional help if you're unsure of working around the airbag.

4. Put the Raptor Wheel in Place

You can follow the same steps you took while removing the stock steering wheel, only in reverse. If you have a new clock spring, install it first before putting in the new wheel.

5. Swap in Some Components From the Stock F-150 Wheel

Remove the plate above the controls and see which components you need to replace with a new part or an existing part from your stock F-150 steering wheel. You might need to swap in your factory control buttons, harnesses, clock spring, and/or torque sensor.

6. Hook Up the New Raptor Wheel

Route the wires, reconnect the controls, put the plate back on, put the airbag in, reconnect the battery, and then drive off into the sunset!

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