How To Wire The Raptor's Paddle Shifters To Your F-150

Many people who swap Raptor steering wheels into their F-150s opt to wire in the paddle shifters as well. This is done so they can add an element of control that allows them to shift up or down on their standard automatic transmission whenever they want.

Paddle shifters allow you to downshift instead of braking, choose the right gear before turning a corner, extract more power from your engine, and more. However, adding paddle shifters to your F-150 comes with some risks, including the repercussions of not wiring the system correctly.

Raptor shifters 
A Raptor steering wheel. Can you spot the paddle shifters? Photo credit: Ford

Please note that we do not recommend this modification; however, it's pretty popular with F-150 owners, so we wanted to share.

Here’s how you can connect the Raptor’s paddle shifters to your F-150’s transmission:

Parts You'll Need

  1. A Raptor steering wheel (with functional paddle shifters, of course)
  2. OEM terminals (Part No. WT1001) or three wires from a wiring harness (Part No. DL3Z14A318G), each a different color

Step 1: Install The Raptor Steering Wheel

Looking for a tutorial on swapping your stock F-150 steering wheel for a Raptor steering wheel? We have one! See it here.

Step 2: Remove The Steering Column Shroud

Steering shroud 
The steering column shroud. Photo credit: Ford

You should be able to do this without much trouble if you have a screwdriver. This YouTube tutorial is for Ford Rangers, but the process is the same for F-150s.

Step 3: Unplug Connector 226

Find the steering column control module (SCCM), which should be attached to the back of the clockspring. Look for connector 226, which is plugged into the SCCM. When you find it, unplug it.

Step 4: Plug The Terminals Into Connector 226

The white cover on the face of the connector holds the pins together. Remove it to see the pins. You’ll see available openings on pins 9, 10, and 11. Here’s the function of each pin:

  • Pin 9: Downshift
  • Pin 10: Upshift
  • Pin 11: Return/common

You want to connect these pins to your F-150’s electrical system. To do this, insert the terminals or wires into the pin openings. Don't forget to make a note somewhere on the wire color you’ve assigned to each pin!

Step 5: Plug The Other End Of The Terminal Or Wires Into Connector 215 Or 210

Now, it’s time to connect the wires to the other end. You have two different places to do this: behind the center console (where connector 215 is) or behind the glove box (where connector 210 is).

Run the wires from pins 9, 10, and 11 to either connector. It’d be a good idea to wrap the wires in electrical tape or heat shrink tubing if available. If you choose to connect your terminal or solder your wires to connector 210 (behind the glove box), you’ll see three connectors. 210 is the gray one on the left.

Step 6: Test The Paddle Shifters

At this point, your paddle shifters should be good to go. It’d be smart to test it in low gear. That way, you’d reduce the risk of damaging your transmission if the mod wasn’t done correctly.

This bears repeating: proceed with this modification at your own risk! We do not recommend trying this at home due to the risk of wiring damage.

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