What Does a 6 Million Dollar F-750 Look Like? We Have The Answer

Ford F750 1

The $6 million price tag on this build means this is most likely the world’s most expensive F-Series truck.

Ford F750 2

This Ford Super Duty F-750 started off as a basic package.

Ford F750 3

It came with a 6.7L turbocharged engine that pushed out 385 horsepower and 1,200 lbs-ft of torque, but this personal project quickly escalated.

Ford F750 4

This F750 is owned by Peter Dunkel of Dunkel Industries, so that explains a lot of the “Go big, or go home” characteristics of this truck.

Ford F750 5

The extreme build features a full kitchen, bathroom, living room for six, and even a dining room.

Ford F750 6

Even with the extra equipment, it can still carry 4 tons of cargo in the truck bed.

Ford F750 7

If you had the cash, would you invest in a crazy build like this of your very own?