Tornado-Proof Ford Van - Tank on Wheels

What does a tornado-proof Ford van look like? Try a vehicle straight out of the movie Mad Max. This tank like van can reportedly withstand 200 mph winds. Incredible.

Tornado-Proof Ford Van - Tank on Wheels No, it's not a Mad Max remake, it is a van built to withstand tornadoes.

The tornado-proof van is being built by a trio of tornado junkies thanks to a Kickstarter project. It has hydraulic flaps with armor plating to keep it on the ground and withstand a tornado's fury.

It will also have 3/4-inch polycarbonate windows and the hydraulically lowered plating is for helping prevent the vehicle from being picked up from high winds.

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The plan? Park in a tornado. Yep, they want to park this vehicle not around the storm or simply chase it, they want to be in it. According to the Tornado Junkies, "When we chase, we report weather conditions through storm spotter systems, the National Weather Service, and social media, which aids in the storm warning process."

"When we see a tornado, our very first action is reporting it, so that a tornado warning can be issued. We want to keep you and the ones you love safe. This is why we chase. We chase for you."

Noble sure, crazy probably. The adrenline junkies will be taking lots of high-definition images and videos of the storm. This video could help weather forecasters develop better alarm systems and/or be better than any Hollywood film.