In 2015, Snow Storms Better Not Mess With The Snow Plow Equipped F-150

The 2015 F-150 made its debut in January in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show -- and it will be the only light-duty passenger truck available with a factory-option snow plow for all models. This snow plow will activate at a press of a button and get you ready to take on the wrath of Mother Nature beginning in 2015. 

Infographic of the Snow Plow F-150

This winter has been a rough one for nearly every region in this country, but next year it could actually be much different for new F-150 owners. The new fleet of snow-plow ready F-150 pickups will hit the roads before the next winter season.

F-150 with Snow Plow

The 2015 F-150 is going to be the only light-duty truck to have an optional snow plow prep option from the factory. All models will have the option to have this features across the board.

2015 F-150 with Plow

However, if you add the option, you will have to upgrade to the 5.0L V8 engine and 4-wheel drive -- but that’s not exactly a punishment. The extra torque and horsepower will be useful when pushing through banks of ice and snow.

Optional Snow Plow

To activate the plowing system, all it will take is pushing a button that shuts down all other non-essential power draining features.

Ford Truck with Snow Plow

The new F-150 is the toughest passenger pickup ever. The use of high-strength steel in the frame and aluminum materials in the body allowed Ford to make it 700 pounders lighter this year.

Snow Plow F-150 Ford

This new design opens the doors for options options like these as it has better capability and handling than ever before.

F-150 Ready for the Snow