Should I Repair Or Replace A Failing Ford Door Handle?

Do you have a broken or malfunctioning door handle on your Ford? You may be wondering whether your door handle requires a repair or a complete replacement.

Sometimes the damage can be resolved with a simple repair. For example, if the exterior door handle cover is just broken or cracked, you can just replace it.  But, sometimes a door handle will be so damaged that it is simpler to replace the handle than repair it.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out whether you should repair or replace a broken door handle on your Ford. This guide should help you weigh your options and then decide on the best one.

When You Should Repair Your Door Handle

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Can you can easily tell what's wrong with your door handle? If you can find the OEM replacement components you need to fix it, then it might make sense to repair the door handle.

Ford doesn't offer every component found within their door handles. Ford only sells the parts that are easy to replace, such as:

  • Door lock reinforcement plates
  • Exterior door handle covers
  • Handle-to-lock links
  • Door handle bezels

OEM Ford door handle components are inexpensive. But before you order, make sure that you can replace the components easily.  Sometimes it's simpler to replace the whole unit.

When You Should Replace Your Door Handle

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Taking apart the door handle assembly, pinpointing the issue, and then replacing the faulty component(s) is a chore. If you can't figure out why your door handle isn't working, chances are that one of the small components inside the assembly has broken. In this case, your best bet is to replace the entire unit.

Sometimes you know what the issue is and you're pretty sure that you could fix it. But, you still need to make sure that you can get OEM replacement components. For components within the door handle assembly, you won't be able to find aftermarket parts. Aftermarket manufacturers only sell complete assemblies.

Where to Find Affordable OEM Replacement Door Handles & Components

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