8 Off-Road Ready Ford Explorers

Though the newest generation of the Explorer has more of a crossover look, Explorers are still as hot as ever in the aftermarket world. Take these Explorers, for example, that were retooled to be off-road monsters:

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1. Baja Ready

Sport Trac Explorer

All the way from SEMA 2000, this Baja Sport Trac Explorer is a beast. Beadlock wheels and pre-runner bumpers round out this black beauty.

2. On Trac

Muddy Explorer

It's hard to tell what color this Sport Trac is, but we don’t mind a bit. In fact, can we just buy one like this muddy off the lot?

3. Airborne

Airborn Explorer

Floodlights: Check. Lift kit: Check. Landing Gear: Also check. In flight meals: Not today.

4. Frankenstein

Frank Explorer

This Explorer Sport is a little like Frankenstein—the body of a ’97, the frame of a ’92, and the engine of a ’98. But with a 5.5 inch lift and a 5.0L V8, this Explorer can take anything you throw at it.

5. Three-Year Wonder

3 Year Build Explorer

It took 3 years to make this Explorer a reality, and the result is a truck that flies far and smooth. That's probably thanks to a 302 V8 engine and a custom built C4 transmission that's ready to go.

6. Jurassic Explorer

Jurassic Explorer

Alright, so this Explorer might not be as tricked out as others, but if it can pick up enough speed to outrun a T-Rex, then it’s alright in our book. The hardest part about testing this Explorer out is finding a dinosaur to race...

7. Skid Row

Skid plate Explorer

Like an Adrian Peterson run up the middle, this skid-plated Explorer will bowl over anything in its path.

8. Waterfall

Waterfall Explorer

Sometimes you have to rest the lead foot and post up next to a waterfall. Nothing wrong with that, provided you get back to crushing trails directly after.