Are OEM Upper And Lower Radiator Support Tie Bars Better Than Aftermarket?

The radiator support tie bars on your Ford should last the lifetime of the vehicle. Yet, that doesn’t always happen. Usually they fail due to a minor front end collision In some cases, when a radiator support tie bar breaks or bends in a collision, it can puncture your radiator.

If you have damaged radiator support tie bars, you need to replace them ASAP. But first, you need to make an important decision. Should you buy OEM radiator support tie bars, or should you settle on aftermarket ones?

If you ask us, OEM radiator support tie bars are a much better investment than aftermarket parts. Read on to find out why.

Why You Need To Replace Your Radiator Support Tie Bars ASAP

radiator support bar

Damaged radiator support tie bars will cause your radiator to sit out of position. This puts extra stress on the radiator hose connections, which can cause them to leak, which leads to overheating. Essentially, radiator supports reduce the chances of radiator leaks. If the radiator is out of position or loose, it may come into contact with the cooling fan or other components. So it's important to replace your radiator support tie bars ASAP.

If you want your new radiator support tie bars to adequately support your radiator for a long time, get OEM units.

OEM Radiator Support Tie Bars Are Built With Quality Materials

When it comes to radiator support tie bars, quality is very important. Radiator support tie bars need to:

  • Resist corrosion over time
  • Adequately support the radiator for years

Ford builds all its parts with quality materials. That includes the radiator support tie bars. Ford makes a point to build its radiator support tie bars with quality materials that:

  • Can resist high temperatures
  • Won't warp
  • Won't rust out
  • Can support the radiator for years

You don't get the same guarantee with aftermarket radiator support tie bars. Many aftermarket manufacturers save money by using low quality materials. That's a big reason why aftermarket parts are so cheap. It's common to run into quality issues with aftermarket radiator support tie bars. It's best to buy OEM radiator support tie bars now and not have to worry about them failing early.

OEM Radiator Support Tie Bars Are Built With Precise Fitment

Ford radiator support bar

The whole point of having upper and lower radiator support tie bars is to keep the radiator firmly in place. You can’t do that with ill-fitting support tie bars. That’s why you need to get a pair of support tie bars with precise dimensions.

No company knows your vehicle better than Ford does. Ford knows exactly how wide and thick your car's radiator support tie bars should be. It's the company that designed those parts, after all. As long as you get the right OEM radiator support tie bars for your Ford, you don't have to worry about any fitment issues.

Most aftermarket manufacturers don't follow OE specs. Many of them are designed to fit over a standard radiator. Even if you find aftermarket support tie bars designed for your Ford model, there's no guarantee that the dimensions are correct.

When it comes to radiator support tie bars, poor fitment can be quite a nightmare. Installation will be much more difficult, and you'll likely experience other issues.

How To Save Money On Genuine OEM Radiator Support Tie Bars

Even though OEM radiator support tie bars deliver much more value than aftermarket ones, many car owners are hesitant to buy OEM. The biggest (and often only) reason is cost. OEM replacement parts can be pretty expensive if you buy them at a Ford dealership.

Here’s a secret, though. You can buy genuine OEM Ford parts online, too. Online prices are usually much lower than dealership prices. For instance, we sell genuine OEM Ford radiator support tie bars at wholesale pricing. You would be hard-pressed to find better prices elsewhere. Here are a couple of our best sellers:

If you need help finding the right radiator support tie bars for your Ford, we’ll be happy to help. Please contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.