Are OEM Ford Bearings Better Than Aftermarket?

Bearings are pretty small parts. So a lot of car owners believe that saving a few bucks on aftermarket bearings won’t cause any issues. That’s actually a misguided belief.

Despite their small size, bearings serve an important purpose. Bearings play a huge, huge part in the safety and functionality of a vehicle. So it’s very important to install quality bearings on your Ford. That means using OEM bearings. Here’s why:

OEM Bearings Are Made For Your Vehicle

OEM ford bearing

This matters a lot. OEM means "original equipment manufacturer". This means all genuine OEM bearings are made by Ford or a manufacturer hired by Ford. OEM bearings have the right:

  • Dimensions
  • Materials
  • Tolerances

It's because Ford knows your car better than anybody else does. They're the ones who designed your car, after all! They know all the right specs and measurements for every single part on your car. That includes the bearings. As long as you get an OEM bearing specifically made for your Ford model, it will always fit perfectly and perform reliably.

You don't get the same peace of mind with aftermarket bearings. Many aftermarket manufacturers don't quite follow OE specs when designing their bearings. Some aftermarket bearings are universal. That's something you want to avoid. Every car comes with its own bearing specs. When you install bearings that don't perfectly follow those specs, you'll run into quality, fitment, and tolerance issues.

OEM Bearings Are Stronger Than Aftermarket Bearings

Bearings life

OEM bearings are generally stronger than aftermarket bearings. For example, let's talk about wheel bearings. You need one that can support your vehicle's weight. If you get an OEM one made specifically for your Ford model, you'll have the peace of mind that it is designed to support your car's weight. Aftermarket wheel bearings are sometimes a little undersized for your car's weight. Aftermarket manufacturers are notorious for using low quality materials. Those materials won't last long, and won't stand up to the weight and tolerances required of them.

OEM Bearings Usually Last Longer Than Aftermarket Bearings

It's common for OEM bearings to last twice as long as aftermarket bearings. It's because:

  • OEM bearings come with the right dimensions, materials, and tolerances
  • Aftermarket bearings rarely come with the right dimensions, materials, and tolerances
  • OEM bearings are usually stronger than aftermarket bearings
  • OEM bearings are built with higher quality materials than aftermarket bearings

Aftermarket bearings may seem like a better investment upfront. Yet, it's clear that OEM bearings are the better investment in the long run. Let's say you buy an aftermarket wheel bearing and hub assembly for $250, and it breaks down after 2 years. So you paid $250 to use it for 2 years. That's $125 per year. What if you paid a little more for an OEM wheel bearing and hub assembly? Let's say you find one for $350. It ends up lasting 5 years. That's $70 per year.

How To Find OEM Ford Bearings At Wholesale Prices

What if we told you that you could get the best of both worlds? You can get genuine OEM Ford bearings at aftermarket pricing. You'll find significant savings if you shop with us. We carry genuine OEM Ford parts, including bearings, at wholesale pricing. That means you'll save about 30% on bearings. For example, this Ford thrust ring bearing for 1990-2021 models costs $4 at dealerships. You can get it from us for only $2.90. You'll get even bigger savings when you need larger, more expensive bearings.

Look up your Ford model in this catalog of bushings and bearings to see all the OEM bearings available for your car. You may be surprised by how much cheaper those parts are. The best part? They're all genuine OEM parts!