Ford Mustang Regular Maintenance - Replace Shocks and Struts

A Ford Mustang needs to be maintained properly to perform. Most owners forget about the front struts and rear shocks. Don't be one of them. Here is handy guide on how to replace them.

Ford Mustang Regular Maintenance - Replace Shocks and Struts Have you replaced your shocks and struts in your Ford Mustang? If it has more than 60,000 miles on it, it is recommended to get new parts.

Before replacing your front struts and rear shocks, it is important to find the right Mustang parts, acquire the right tools and prepare an area to complete the repair. Ford recommends replacing the struts and shocks every 60,000 miles.

The replacement procedure for each type of Mustang will vary, here is a general overview.

Replace the Front Struts

To begin, you will want to lift the front end and remove the front wheels. Next, you will want to remove the nuts off the brake caliper gripping the rotors by using a ratchet. Then, unbolt and remove the wheel speed sensor in the wheel hub.

After that is removed, locate the nuts holding the upper strut assemble to the car. This will look like a coiled spring with hardware on either end. After you remove all the bolts holding it on, you will then need to compress the strut with a compressor in order to pull it off. Finally, replace the upper mounting bracket on the strut with a new one.

With the old strut assembly removed, you will install the new one by hand tightening it to the wheel spindle in the wheel well. Once it is in place, you can remove the compressor and torque the strut into place to 141 ft-lb. Lastly, tighten the bolt on the bottom of the strut and the spindle. You will torque this with the wrench until it gives slightly.

Then, install the upper retaining nuts and torque them to 25 ft-lb. Once this is in place, you can reattach the speed sensor and put the brake caliper back on. Lastly, mount the front wheels. After this replacement, it is advised to take the car into a professional for an alignment.

Replace the Rear Shocks

The rear shocks can wear over time and create a rough ride. After finding OEM replacement parts, you will need to remove the trim panels in the trunk to be able to access the shocks.

Next, remove the upper retaining nuts and bolt with a ratchet. This nut and bolt connects the shock absorber to the shock tower. Once these are removed, pull the shock out through the hole in the trunk.

Take the new shock and make sure you extend and depress it several times. Then, using the reverse instructions, install the shock through the hole in the trunk. You will want to torque these bolts to spec depending on your model. Lastly, tighten the upper mounting nut to 25 ft-lb with the torque wrench.

Finally, replace the trim panels in the trunk and you are all set.

Routine maintenance like struts and shock replacement can often be overlooked, yet it is the key to keeping the factory-like performance of your car at all times. If you run into any trouble, remember to check with your local Ford dealer for help.