Ford Mustang Door Lock Failure - Diagnose Guide

Using power door locks everyday can make you take them for granted. But, when they don't work, look out! It can be big inconvenience. Here is a guide to help you diagnose the problem.

Ford Mustang Door Lock Failure - Diagnose Guide Are your door locks not working? Here is a guide to figure out what's wrong.

The Ford Mustang is a reliable machine, yet things will break over time. Luckily, in the case of power door locks, they are pretty easy to diagnose.

All Doors/Multiple Doors Fail

If you have more than one door or all doors that fail to work AND your key fob works, then you have a big issue. Frankly, this is the worst case scenario and most likely means you have a bad relay, snipped wire or something else. It is time to take your Mustang to a mechanic, there are just too many variables.

Single Door Doesn't Work

With one door not working, it is a lot simpler to diagnose. Have you heard a buzzing sound for a while? Or is the door rod seem stuck? Chances are you have a bad actuator (a common repair item) or something is really odd is going on. Here are the general steps to fix the problem:

  1. Order an OEM replacement part from a dealer or online parts department likeĀ
  2. Next, remove the door panel by locating screws along the door panel and on the door handle
  3. Locate the power door lock wiring that connects to the locking mechanism and disconnect it. The door panel should now be freed and can be removed.
  4. Find the door actuator housed within the locking mechanism and replace it. This is usually just a simple depress the tabs and remove a few screws job.
  5. Reverse these instructions to put everything back together.

Remote Lock/Unlock Fails

If your key fob doesn't work, but your door locks work manually, then it is time for a new battery in the fob. This is usually fairly straightforward. You will need to pop off the back of the key fob to locate a battery. Then, replace the battery and put the fob back together. Voila! Your key fob should be working.

Having door locks that work properly is key to really enjoying your Mustang. Hopefully, one of these steps fixed the issue for you.