10 Auto Museums to See on Your Spring Break Road Trip

Even though there’s still a chill in the air, spring is heading our way. And you know what that means- spring break! Since you’re a well seasoned gear head, you’re not worried about what beach you’re going to visit. No, you need cars, you need gears, you need Ford museums in your life. Here’s a list of 10 must-see museums to keep you busy over spring break.

Henry Ford Museum

Henry Ford museum

Start off your trip by getting close to the man behind the brand at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. You'll not only get a look at some cool car stuff, but you'll get to see most everything Henry Ford had a hand in building.

International Motorsports Hall of Fame

Int Motorsports HOF

The International Motorsports Hall of Fame isn’t specific to Ford, but it’s worth a visit. Located near Talladega, AL, it would certainly be a memorable destination for NASCAR fans.

California Automobile Museum

CA Auto Museum

The California Automobile Museum gives you a taste of the automotive culture from all different classes and niches.

National Automobile Museum

Natl Auto Museum

Located in Reno, NV, the National Automobile Museum is home to some of the rarest cars around.

Classic Dream Cars

Classic Museum

Headed through Florida? Visit the Classic Dream Cars museum on the way to the beach. Located in Mount Dora, this museum is home to many WWI and WWII vehicles as well as famous celebrity vehicles.

Shelby America Factory Tour

Shelby factory

Visit the Shelby American factory and take a free tour if you’re heading to Las Vegas this spring break!

San Francisco Bullitt Tour

Bullitt Tour

This isn’t exactly a museum, but for car chase scene lovers, you can take a trip back in time by touring sets from the movie Bullitt while in San Francisco.

Telstar Restoration & Museum

Telstar msueum

Found in Mitchell, South Dakota, the Telstar Museum is packed wall-to-wall with beautifully restored Shelbys, Mustangs, and Cobras.

Foose Design Shop Tour

Foose tour

If you are passing through Huntington Beach, California, make sure to visit Foose Design. This body shop has produced many award winning cars, and is owned by Chip Foose, host of the TV show Overhaulin'.

Gateway Auto Museum

Gateway museum

If Colorado is part of your road trip plans, pass through Gateway, Colorado and visit the Gateway Auto Museum. This museum boasts one of the finest collections of American cars, including many from the privately owned Hendricks Collection.

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