How To Replace Side Window Glass In Your Ford

When your vehicle has a cracked or shattered window, it can quickly become one of the biggest hassles of car ownership. No matter how it happened, you'll need to fix it quickly to enjoy driving and/or secure your vehicle again. The good news is that this job is pretty easy to do at home. It's not obvious how to get at the glass, but the door panel doesn't take long to remove.

There are four basic steps to replacing the glass. You'll need to clean up any broken glass, remove the the entire lower interior door panel, remove select parts of the upper door trim, and then install the new glass. All the tools you'll need are:

  • A set of trim removal pry tools. These help remove trim without scratching it.
  • A 7mm socket and ratchet.
  • A Torx screwdriver set.
  • A set of screwdrivers.

Of course, you'll want to have the new glass on hand. If you drive a 2017+ truck, click here for your OEM replacement Ford window glass. No matter what Ford you drive, we've got your window glass here.

Replacing The Rear Side Window Glass On A 2017+ Ford F Series Truck

If you have a 2017 or later Ford F-150/250/350/450, the rear side window glass can be replaced in a manner similar to the process described here. Before you being, you'll need to be sure you vacuum up all the glass as much as possible - you don't want any troublesome shards in the way when you install the new glass. Also be sure to lower the window actuator to the very bottom of its travel path before beginning.

Remove Lower Interior Door Panel

Ford window glass replacement
Ford window glass replacement

Image Credit: SouthernHooligans

Removal of the inside door panel and the related components is the most time consuming part of the process. Take your time and be gentle with each step - you don't want to damage any of the clips or fasteners.

  • Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the rectangular-shaped silver arm rest at the top of the door panel.
  • Next remove the inset plastic panel below the arm rest using the same screwdriver or a pry tool. (see the images above)
  • Removal of these panels will expose four 7mm bolts that need to be removed. Be sure you keep track of the washers on these bolts - don't let them fall into the door.
  • Gently pry around the edges of the door panel with your fingertips to release the clips, and the door panel is now free and should come off with an upward lift.
  • Unplug the window actuator switch and the door lock switch (see images above.) Be sure to keep the actuator accessible, you may need to move the window up and down as you work.
  • Note: Now that you have access to the inside of the door, this is a good point to remove any additional glass shards that are present.

Remove Upper Door Trim

Ford window glass replacement

Image Credit: SouthernHooligans

You won't need to remove all of the upper trim panels, but a few do have to come off:

  • Carefully using a pry tool, remove the trim at the top of the door panel (or the bottom of the window glass area).
  • Follow the same path around the side, top, and other side of the window opening, removing the trim on those 3 sides as well.
  • Next, move to the exterior of the door, and remove the same trim (using the Torx), including the wide, black trim piece located forward (toward the driver/passenger seats) by removing the 4 bolts holding it in place.

Remove Old Glass, Install New Glass

  • Before you install the new glass, once again, vacuum the entire area. If a leftover glass shard gets stuck in the mechanism or seals you'll have a disaster on your hands!
  • With your actuator positioned at the bottom, slide the new glass into the track, guide and holders. There are clips that the bottom that the window glass will 'settle' into, and the glass has guide holes that will also seat so you know you've positioned it correctly.
  • Note: As you guide the glass in, be sure that you place it to the outside of the actuator arms (toward the outside of the truck door) for proper function.
  • Test the new glass to be sure it's seated. If all is well, replace all the trim and panels in the reverse order and you're all done!

Rear Windows Are Harder

Ford window glass replacement

Keep in mind that rear windows are harder to replace because there is usually a slight curvature to the glass. Front truck windows are more often straight up and down pieces of glass, making them easier to replace. Because of rear door glass curvature, the process above requires much more trim removal in order to free up space for the glass to slide in.

Also, if you encounter any plastic moisture barriers along the way, be sure you carefully remove and replace the barriers as you work.

Hopefully, these directions have helped you out. Replacing side window glass really is a job you can do at home - just be patient with each step of the process. Doing the work yourself takes some of the financial sting out of the job and will make it well worth the effort.

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