How To Replace A Ford Door Handle

A lot of Ford owners put off replacing their door handles. It's usually because dealerships and repair shops charge a lot of money for labor. If you're a Ford owner with a busted door handle, we have good news. Replacing your door handle is something you can do at home with a few basic tools. All you need is this tutorial to walk you through the process.

Tools For Replacing a Door Handle

Replacing handle

You only need a few basic tools to replace your door handle. Here's a complete list:

  • Pick tool
  • Socket wrench
  • Sockets of various sizes
  • Flathead screwdriver

Where To Find A Replacement Door Handle

You need a replacement door handle ready before starting the job. There are two different types of replacement door handles:

  1. OEM
  2. Aftermarket

What OEM Means And What Aftermarket Means

  • The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) makes OEM door handles. They are identical to the stock door handles in your car.
  • Aftermarket manufacturers are third party companies that design and produce aftermarket parts. These parts usually don't exactly match the stock parts already on your car. If you get an aftermarket door handle, chances are high that it won't quite match the other door handles on your Ford.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Door Handles

OEM replacement door handles are better than aftermarket door handles because:

  • Replacement OEM door handles are exactly like the original door handles.
  • The materials used to build OEM door handles are high quality.
  • The materials used to build aftermarket door handles are usually low quality.
  • Ford offers a warranty with OEM door handles.
  • Aftermarket manufacturers rarely offer a warranty with their parts.

How To Find An Affordable OEM Door Handle

OEM handle 1

Even though OEM is the better option, Ford owners still buy aftermarket door handles. It's usually because Ford dealerships charge a lot of money for OEM door handles.

A lot of people don't realize that reputable Ford parts sellers (like us) sell genuine OEM parts online. Online prices are usually much better than dealership prices. We offer wholesale pricing for all genuine OEM Ford parts, including door handles. Check out our catalog!

How To Replace Your Ford Door Handle

The steps vary between Ford models, but the general overview is the same. Here's a tutorial for the 2013-2018 Ford Escape. You should be able to apply this tutorial to another Ford model, but expect a few details to be different.

  1. With the pick tool, remove the clip from inside the door handle. Be careful not to scratch anything.
  2. Using the 7mm socket, remove the door handle bolt.
  3. Remove the silver piece from the trim handle. Use some force, but be sure not to break it.
  4. Remove the window switch housing and panel.
  5. Now you can see 3 connectors. Disconnect all of them.
  6. Remove 2 7mm bolts from the arm rest area.
  7. Remove the screws from the door panel's lower section.
  8. On the far left of the door in the back, there's a screw hidden behind a panel. Remove the panel and then the screw.
  9. Now, the pressure point clips are the only things holding together the inside door panel. Yank them all loose, but not hard enough to break them.
  10. Disconnect all of the connectors from the door, and then remove the inside panel.
  11. Now the door is exposed. There are two bolts behind the door handle. They might have plastic covers. Remove the covers (if applicable) and the bolts.
  12. The door handle is now loose. Remove it with care.
  13. Install the new door handle in the reverse order of removal.

Please contact us with any questions about replacing your Ford's door handle.