Want A Free DIY Maintenance/Repair Guide for Your Ford?

Calling all DIYers! We've just published a new reference guide with you in mind. Make at-home vehicle maintenance and repair that much easier with this completely free guide.

DIY Resource Guide

Whether you are new to car ownership or make a point to do your own repair and maintenance, we have a free resource for you. The Blue Springs Ford Parts team has compiled some of our best Ford repair and maintenance resources into this single download so you can do-it-yourself with ease.

The six-page PDF is totally free and viewable from any screen. You could also print it out and store it in your glove box. Here's what you'll get:

  • When Is It Time To Replace Your _________?
  • What Do Tire Numbers Mean?
  • 10 Tools Every DIY Mechanic Should Own
  • Motor Oil Flow Chart
  • A Quick & Easy VIN Decoder
  • OBD II Code Reader For Engine Trouble

If you find yourself Googling common auto repair issues or looking up the same thing over and over again in your user manual, our DIY reference guide is for you. Click here to get your copy!