Ford Has Built the Worst Test Track Imaginable to Test Their Vehicles

To test the ride characteristics, quality, and durability of their vehicles, Ford made the worst test track they could. The track is located in Belgium and is based on some of the worst roads throughout the world.

The track is 1.2 miles long with rocks, potholes, granite blocks, speed bumps, and a full-size railroad crossing. Basically, it’s made of all the nasty road conditions you want to avoid.

Not Your Average Test TrackFord drew inspiration from drivers, asking what they dread about the open road. They took the conditions that came across as particularly terrible and threw them on this track.

According to Ford’s Eric-Jan Scharlee:

“From a rutted traffic junction in China to a bumpy German side-street, this road is a rogues’ gallery of the most bruising surfaces that our customers might encounter,”

Test vehicles are piloted at around 46 miles per hour across the nasty terrain. Apparently, the surfaces are so torturous that test time is limited to two hour stints to avoid driver injury. This is one time where test driving vehicles doesn’t seem so fun! Sign us up for the drag track tests instead.

Miles of Potholes

While we certainly aren’t volunteering for the job, it’s good to know how much trouble Ford goes through to test vehicles. They can use this information to get more real-life driving information, as opposed to the traditional stuffy test tracks. How much could you really learn from a perfectly paved road and controlled environment anyways?