Ford Keyless Entry Not Working

The keyless entry is a convenience feature on the Ford unless it stops working, and then it can become a problem. The first step to fixing the problem is to determine what type of keyless entry you have. There are wired pads and radio frequency pads.

You can identify a production installed keypad because they are mounted flush and direct-wired to a module that controls the system. In order to diagnose these keypads, you must use section 501-15 in the workshop manual for your model.

A dealer-installed keypad has an adhesive back and will stick up around a half an inch from the vehicle surface. There are no entries in the workshop manual for these types of keypads.

Here are some general tips and solutions for problems with your keypad:

Ford keyless keypad

  1. This keypad works the same as a remote keyless entry transmitter. It is programmed using the same procedures. You may use the workshop manual section 501-14 as a guide. Please note that the 7,8, 9, and 0 buttons need to be simultaneously pressed during the procedure in order to be recognized as another remote transmitter. Since the keypad is another transmitter, you may use the workshop manual to do pinpoint tests on the transmitter.
  2. Since the keypad is an assembled piece, you cannot replace the battery separately. You must replace the keypad.
  3. Should you lose your master code, you must replace the keypad. The codes are not stored anywhere within the module unless you have a 2004 F-Super Duty manufactured before December 3, 2003.
  4. You must reprogram all of the transmitters at the same time when you replace a keypad, a transmitter, or a control module. The only exception is any vehicle equipped with an integrated keyhead transmitter. They must be programmed separately from the integrated keyhead transmitter. Turn the ignition switch from the OFF position to the RUN position eight times within 10 seconds with the last position being RUN. All of the door locks will cycle. This confirms that you are entering the programming mode. Press 7,8,9 and 0 buttons simultaneously on the keypad. This sends a lock signal. Turn the ignition to OFF. The locks will cycle to let you know that you have left the programming mode.
  5. Your keypad normally illuminates for five seconds after a button has been pushed. You can turn it off by pressing the 7,8,9 and 0 buttons simultaneously. This locks all the doors. Your keypad has an optical sensor in it that does not illuminate under bright conditions. In cold temperatures, it will only briefly light up in order to conserve battery life. These are normal functions of its Power Save Mode, and it does not mean you need to replace the keypad.
  6. When you enter the keypad code, your system may unlock the driver’s side door, then lock it, and then unlock it again. There will be no illumination on the keypad. This is a symptom of a low battery that is going to require keypad replacement.
  7. Your keypad contains an anti-scan feature. Should the wrong code be attempted seven times for 35 consecutive button pushes, then the keypad will become disabled and the light will flash. It is disabled for one minute.

If your keyless entry problem runs outside of these suggestions, then you may need to contact your local dealership for assistance. And if you're having other issues with your Ford keys, check out this article on